While social media marketing is an essential part of an online marketing strategy, the truth is social media is the best way to engage with your audience and get your brands voice heard. Social media is just that – social. It is all about people, conversations and developing leads from the relationships that you establish.

Establishing your social media presence is not going to happen overnight. It can be a slow, painstaking process but once the benefits begin to show, you will soon see that it’s worth every single second. Here is a monthly breakdown of how people grow to trust and accept your business on social media.

Month One

Your followers are beginning to see that your social media presence has become consistently active. People are thinking ‘who the hell are these guys?’. You are posting custom content that is engaging and useful. People are noticing your brand and are just starting to get to know your business.

Month Two

You are now beginning to establish your brand in the social media world. People are starting to keep an eye on you. You are providing your followers with lots of valuable information and they are starting to take notice of your business. People are becoming intrigued with who you are and what you are about. The more they see of you, the more they want to see of you.

Month Three

Your followers are engaging with your brand and are starting to turn into your customers because you have shown them dedication. You have also proven that you are a loyal and trustworthy business. Your followers continue to increase. You have earned peoples trust, and in return, many will become loyal customers.

Month Four and Onward

You have established your brands social presence. Your followers keep increasing and people look forward to seeing you on social media. Now that you are getting new customers, word will spread and your customer base will continue to grow. Consumers could even start to view your brand as a leading authority in its industry, ultimately resulting in increased brand loyalty and sales.


As you can see, it takes a few dedicated months to establish your brands relevance on social media. But following a solid social media strategy and providing your followers with consistent, useful information, your efforts will pay off in no time. Once you have shown that you are a loyal and trustworthy brand, people will want to become your customers. Within four months you’ll be wondering why you never started sooner.